Books I’ve Been Reading: October Baby

Most people know this book as a movie. The movie did come first. And it was pretty good.

Following the story of a girl with emotional and physical problems (which are tied together) because of her past, it shows her story of healing and her realization that every life is beautiful, even hers, even the lives that nobody else wants. God wants them.

Even though the movie was good I really liked the book better. it brought things together better, gave you a better understanding of what was going on, it was more humorous, and it’s a book. Which I like reading during the day and movie at night so this is good for going around with.

It was just a refreshingly light read with meaning,  which is great.

I normally read non-fiction but sometimes I just need an break and an easier read, but I don’t want to read meaningless fluff. So this book was good.

Here’s a link and preview of it:



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