Travel Tips & Tricks from People Who Know


For some reason lately I’ve been dreaming about travel. Which is ridiculous because  I don’t have the money to go now, even if I worked up the courage to travel solo.

However, there’s no reason I can’t share some of the inspiring posts with tips and tricks and different ideas for you to read and enjoy 🙂

traveling around world with a passport and money

12 Things Not to Do When You Travel

I strongly suggest browsing around Matt’s site, he has articles about everything related to travel and tips from other travelers.


10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Are you wondering where to go solo? Try these female-friendly (:) ) places.

12 Ways to Travel the World for Free, how to travel with no money

12 Ways to Travel the World for FREE

Hippie in Heels, though not as glamorous traveling as some would like, offers great suggestions for money-cheap travel.

How to live out of a suitcase and travel glamorously

How to Live Out of a Suitcase Glamorously

You don’t have to look like a frump when you travel!

From practical travel tips to tips for inner travel peace, the following is a long list of everything we think every female traveler should know in order to get the most out of a travel experience.:

99 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

Just in case–read up before you go.

What are your favorite travel tips?


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