Thoughts on Gratitude


We live in an age where gratitude is almost extinct.

I’m not saying there is no one who appreciates things, but true gratitude is much bigger than just loving the material things you have.

Most people have the mindset of ‘more is happier’, ‘more is better’, ‘if I just had ____, then I would–‘. The whole mindset is dissatisfaction with one thing or other.

Gratitude is not a feeling, it’s a way of thinking, a mindset of choosing to believe that God is giving you His best, what you need, at every moment of your life, as long as you are following Him.

Gratitude is believing that you are His creation and He made you beautiful. He made you exactly how He wanted, He made you for a purpose, and you will fulfill that purpose if you are following Him.

Gratitude is choosing to believe that your circumstances are where He wants you, that He has something for you to do there, whether it’s work, or rest, or learning.

If gratitude is just a feeling, we’d rarely have it. As it is, a choice, we can have a life of gratitude. I think we first have to choose to be grateful, then we’ll have the joyful feeling of thanks.

There are some times when we won’t feel like being grateful. We’re miserable, we’re hurting, we feel we’re getting something we don’t deserve or not getting something we do deserve.

Those are the times we have to work hardest at choosing gratitude, because our circumstances, feelings, etc. won’t change if we choose to be miserable. We’ll still be miserable. But by changing ourselves, changing our outlook, we can have joy even in the times we don’t feel like we can.

We need to realize that life doesn’t owe us anything. God doesn’t owe us anything. There is nothing we deserve. There are times in life where we are tested and tried, where things are going wrong. It might just be where God wants you. Maybe He has something for you to learn from it.

Gratitude is not just something that changes our attitude, makes us joyful instead of miserable. Having a grateful outlook on life benefits us physically as well. And it helps our relationships. Who wants to be friends with a miserable person?

We all have a choice to either live in misery or live in gratitude. Choose gratitude!





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