10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


It is the start of a week. Which is always difficult. But it doesn’t have to be 🙂

To help you start your week right, here’s some ways I’ve found to boost your confidence. From simple, silly little things to daily add-ins, try some of these things if you’re like me and need a confidence boost now and then.

1. Have a Morning Routine.


This might sound weird, like, what does that have to do with confidence?

Well, if you have a morning routine, you feel more put together–like you know you’ve done what you need to do, and are ready to move on to other things.

If you like coffee in the morning, have a cup–or tea, or green juice. Find a drink that’s healthy or energy-giving. If you want to work some exercise into your morning, take a 30-minute walk or do a yoga sequence.

Maybe you have to do your hair and makeup. Or perhaps you need to practice voice  exercises, work in your garden, gather some inspiration for a day of projects, whatever.

Try to keep your time frame and activities similar through the week.

2. Think of One Day at a Time.


Okay, this one might be thrown around a lot, but really, if you think of the whole week today you’ll probably be intimidated and maybe be rendered useless.

That doesn’t mean toss away all planning. Some things need to be scheduled ahead of time (doctor visits, work meetings, sales, projects, even just coffee with friends).

Avoid constantly thinking of things ahead of time, though–especially if you’re really nervous of it. And actually, that goes for even in-the-day! If you’re thinking of something you have to do in a couple hours or later in the day, and you’re super anxious about it, think of something else.

3. Listen to Music.


Seriously. Find something great and upbeat. Try the Piano Guys, Josh Groban, Moriah Peters, Casting Crowns, or even just random music.

We all tend to have one song that’s like “our song”. Like, that’s the song we always feel empowered by. I’m sure you know what yours is (if you don’t, just ask a friend what song you’re always listening to 🙂

4. Exercise.


Besides being good for you weight-wise and health-wise, exercise stimulates your mind and gets you feeling good.

Honestly, feeling good is a great confidence booster!

You could pack a bag and head to the nearest gym, but there are plenty of ways to exercise at home, and also if you’re in a time crunch.

Yoga is slow exercise but it gets your blood flowing and works out your kinks! Walking is better than running because the impact of your body hitting the ground while running is hard on your joints. Walking has great benefits, though.

And don’t forget dancing! If you’re short on time there are numerous videos you can try on Youtube that have a dance routine for one song (think 4-6 minutes). Dancing is really good at giving you an energy-and confidence boost.

Or maybe you’d like hiking, or biking, or skiing, or something like that.

5. Wear Heels.


If your a lady 🙂 Heels or I would more recommend just a chunky shoe, as heels are hard on the back and knees.

That extra bulk under your foot just does something!

Good footwear really makes a difference, don’t ask me why. Actually my favorite shoes are my knee-high, low-heel boots, I guess they are kind of chunky.

6. Learn Something.


I love learning! Since we all have stuff we can learn, pick one thing and learn it. Having knowledge even about one thing is a confidence- booster. It shows you that you can do things and also gives you something to talk about or connect with other people.

Try some crafts! Maybe crocheting, knitting, sewing, card-making.

Or watch a dance how-to video on Youtube, learn how to play an instrument; learn a new language (sign language counts!), learn how to cook, learn to grow your own vegetables. Read a book, or just learn a random, interesting fact.

For example, you already know how to play piano, but you could learn a new song or how to play by memory! You know how to waltz? Learn a new step for it or learn a new dance altogether.

7. Pray.


Sometimes you just need a quiet moment to talk to God about the fact that you need a little booster. He cares about even the little things in our lives 🙂

8. Do Something for Someone Else.


A random act of kindness, a meal to a friend; whenever you help someone else, you both are blessed. Doing something for someone else enables you to get your mind focused and busy.

Check out this article : 52 Ways to Pratice Random Acts of Kindness

9. Keep Your Mind Focused.


Keeping your mind focused and busy keeps you from thinking negatively about your situation, and negatively about yourself.

Read a book, do something for someone else, learn something new, all of these help keep your mind active.

10. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.


You might think this sounds bold, especially for someone who is having trouble being confident, but start with something small.

Maybe it will be saying something nice to the cashier at Walmart as she’s checking you out, or helping someone else, but whatever you start with, once you’ve accomplished it you will feel more confident.

Then, move on to something else a little more daring! It will keep your confidence level up.

Have a party with your neighbors or host another sort of event. If you’re musically inclined, offer to play somewhere, a gathering or at church.


I hope these tips help you if you need some confidence.

What do you think?


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