I Wonder–Things to Think About



I want to ask you something : I wonder, if we could ignore the iphones, smartphones, or whatever you have for awhile, and pay attention to the people around us. See how we can help them, just talk or listen if they need it.

I wonder if we could spend a couple minutes away from our special friend, and focus on our families and friends, and our relationship with God, maybe just have a quiet moment of  reflection.

I wonder, if we could rise above what our friends expect us to do, what society expects us to be, and focus on becoming the person God wants us to be, and on what He wants us to do.

I wonder, if we could see the faces around us, and recognize that people are the most important thing, and maybe even deny ourselves something, so someone else will be the richer.

I wonder, if we care at all about whether we’re wasting the precious time we have here on earth, or if we are striving to enhance ourselves or our life, and doing what’s really important.

I wonder, if society will even have normal interactions between people, instead of just notifications, comments on Facebook.

I wonder, if we can get past the “thrill” of doing something like shopping, or an amusement park, and take a walk and appreciate nature.

I wonder, if we view the whole world, past, present, and future, in our every decision, would we do anything differently?


2 thoughts on “I Wonder–Things to Think About

  1. Good stuff. You know, I saw a video on the internet just recently and it really struck me when this woman started talking about how we just want to live our lives-we don’t want to have to be “role models”, and so we make justifications for ourselves on why we can’t be or we don’t have to be. But no matter how we justify, each one of us really IS. This made me think of that. I wonder how many things I think, say, wear, watch, listen to, do, that I wouldn’t want anyone else to? A good thought for each one of us would be “What if my life set the “standard” for life, for others? Am I who I should be, living the way I should?”


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