Sewing Project : Two Toned-Tote

We can thank Mommy by day Crafter by night for this tutorial for this beautiful tote 🙂

I haven’t been sewing at all. (which makes me wonder if I’ve lost all the discipline in my life?)

I think the reason is, what am I going to do with all the stuff I make? (After all, necessity is the mother of invention–which means all I’ll invent is entertainment–lol!) I mean, I have a WHOLE BIN FULL of stuff I’ve made, hoping to sell.

Well, sorry Etsy. I think the competition was too great for me :S

Kudos to you if you can think of things to do with creations! In fact, why don’t you share what you make and what you do with it in a comment? I love getting comments 🙂

I’ve certainly rambled around…here’s the link to Ashley’s tutorial : Two-Toned Tote tutorial

Have fun and probably, you will make this before I do. (drat, I should dig out my sewing supplies…)


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