Spring Thoughts



Spring is officially coming. I mean, tomorrow it’s going to be around 70 degrees and there is no freezing weather in sight.

I always have loved spring the best of all the seasons (we’ve always lived where we got all four seasons). I don’t know if it’s because I was kind of born in spring (depends when you’re ‘spring’ is), or just because it’s the season where all the drabness and death of winter gives way to the chance of new life.

The seasons really are a picture and representation of our life, and I always feel like spring is a season of change for me. It’s a time when I can embrace the hope that a new life in Christ gives me.

I can let Christ mold me, change me into what I should be, an image of Him.

Maybe if hope feels dead in you’re life, it’s really not; it’s just laying dormant until you’re ready to embrace it.

All of life offers us change. We are constantly growing, changing. To resist it would only be harmful to ourselves.

So let us open our arms to the One who first opened His arms to us, on the Cross, and let Him change us.


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