15 Movies the Whole Family will Love

popcorn-1413413768A5Q.jpgWe have what we call “movie night” every week, either Friday or Thursday.

I can tell you, it can be pretty hard to find something that all of us will actually watch (you’ve got nine people, from 4-45 and everywhere in between)

So here’s a list of stuff we ALL found pretty entertaining, most with an educational base.

Click on the titles–they’re linked 🙂

From Disney:

  1. The Miracle Worker–the story of Helen Keller, of course. Blind and deaf, Helen has serious struggles communicating–until Anne Sullivan moves in to help. Based on a true story with an engaging cast and a light feel to it.
  2. Ruby Bridges–another true story about integration in the school system. Interesting and inspiring.

Then, for some not-Disney movies–

3. Dreamer –for horse lovers. An inspirational movie based loosely on the real story of a horse, this movie is a classic. For Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell fans.

4. Hachi–A very loyal dog. A touching and sweetly sad movie.

5. Temple Grandin–based on the real life of Temple Grandin, this movie is absolutely stunning in it’s filming, design, and cast, with Claire Danes in the lead role as an amazing autistic girl.

6. Two Brothers–funny and interesting, the sad and ultimately sweet story of two tigers and the people who’s lives intertwine around them.

7. Pride and Prejudice–2005 movie version, starring Kiera Knightley and Matthew McFayden, this would generally be thought a ladies’ movie, but the boys always love watching this!

8. Sense and Sensibility–1999 movie version, with Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Hugh Grant. The boys love this one even more than Pride and Prejudice!! It is SO sweet and funny, and (if you haven’t read the book) give a bit of suspense about what’s going to happen.

9. Charlotte’s Web–an animated film, with cute animal characters and Dakota Fanning (must be an animal lover)  The kids adored this one, and I only got tired of it after watching it for like 4 times in a couple weeks 🙂

10. -13. American Girl movies Felicity, Molly, Samantha, and Kit –these come in a four pack. With different historical backgrounds, these four girls are all learning values and learning how to make a difference. One is Revolutionary War era, one is World War, one is Victorian age, and the last during the Depression. With a great cast and wonderful filming, sweet family stories and historical details, these movies are enjoyable for ALL ages.

14. Ace Wonder–an action-and problem-packed Christian mystery, it has a fun feel to it as well as keeping your attention.

*And last, but definitely not least, last because best—drumroll, please–our family favorite of the year,–*

15. Beyond the Mask — this wins, hands down, for the family favorite. We rented it on Amazon (I think the rental was 3 days) and we watched it EVERY SINGLE DAY we had it.  Set in the Revolution era (my favorite, can’t you tell?), this is FULL of action, faith, adventure, mystery, danger, intrigue, and even a light romance. If you haven’t watched this one, just do it.

So there’s my 15  for you. Of course I leave it to your discretion to judge what you want your family seeing, but these are ones we found to be good for everyone.

Please let me know if any of the links don’t work 🙂





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