Fashion Inspiration: Winter to Spring Layers

spring tones


spring tones   (clipped to


You must know, I love the way you can put things together on Polyvore (again, why haven’t I joined?!).

If you’re not sure if something will match,….if you’re not sure the look you’re going for….Polvore to the rescue 🙂

This collection is stunning.

The coat–oh, the coat is fabulous. Grey is such a good neutral color!

And then the pops of that bright, emerald green….reminds me of something Irish. I love that color–and it makes my green eyes pop, too 🙂

The dress looks flowing and feminine, kind of gentle pop.

The purse is a bit bolder with it’s square shape and brighter color.

Scarves are always good. They make you look so put together.

Sunglasses. Always important. And it’s great if they match your outfit.

And last, but not least, the earrings. Who can go wrong with dangle earrings?

I wouldn’t expect you to actually BUY this set. I mean, the prices are a little high….but it’s inspiration. Take it and run with it!

Winter to Spring Layers



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