12 Youtube Minimalist Channels


I have started working on my belongings. Yes, I don’t have a whole house, but I’m trying to be minimalist now, so I don’t have to worry about changing a whole house, just my small self-belongings!

It’s hard work, let me tell you. I keep getting nervous, like, “what will happen if I get rid of something and then really miss it? And it’s gone?!!”

Then I say, “well, it’s scary that my life is so defined by WHAT I HAVE and not WHO I AM.”

So I’m currently going back-and-forth with myself, and trying to sort out a minimalist life for myself.

In some ways, I think it’s harder that I’m in the midst of a family that’s not minimalist. I mean, the whole house won’t be beautiful and clutter-free and relaxing, especially with 8 other people in the house besides me and 5 under the age of 14. So the difference won’t be that noticeable when I get rid of my things.

But then again, I always feel burdened with what I have–like I’m disorganized, have all this stuff I’m not going to use,………..really, I’m going back and forth.

Here’s 12 YouTube channels about different aspects of minimalism. And I’m not the one who found them 🙂 The credit goes to ‘The Blissful Mind’. I haven’t checked them all out, so you’ll have to do that for me 🙂

Here’s the link: 12 YouTube Channels All Minimalists Will Love


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