Travel Tips & Tricks from People Who Know


For some reason lately I’ve been dreaming about travel. Which is ridiculous because  I don’t have the money to go now, even if I worked up the courage to travel solo.

However, there’s no reason I can’t share some of the inspiring posts with tips and tricks and different ideas for you to read and enjoy 🙂

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Thoughts on Gratitude


We live in an age where gratitude is almost extinct.

I’m not saying there is no one who appreciates things, but true gratitude is much bigger than just loving the material things you have.

Most people have the mindset of ‘more is happier’, ‘more is better’, ‘if I just had ____, then I would–‘. The whole mindset is dissatisfaction with one thing or other.

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4 Articles to Make You a Better Blogger

We all need help blogging sometimes, right? I mean, maybe you want to increase your traffic, increase your income, or just need to know how to get started blogging.

These best-of-blogging from bloggers who know what they’re talking about should help you out a bit (if you’re looking for help!) or maybe you just want to read them so you’re armed with information when you eventually do change some things (like me!).

Check out these master-blogger tips:

how to double your blog income

How to Increase Your Blog Income in 2-3 Hours a Week

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The Cross and Easter



This past week, in preparation for Easter, I’ve heard many people talk about the story of Christ’s crucifixion (found in Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19).

I’ve often wondered how his mother, Mary, felt, standing there and watching her son, her blessed gift from God, die. And not just die. I’m sure that Mary knew more than a lot of the people there.

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Fashion Inspiration: Mellow Yellow

Ah, I always try to look for a specific color–today was tan. But I always end up being sidetracked by another color outfit.

So, here’s to yellow. (I think I did yellow last time?! Oh, well. I can’t help if the best outfits are yellow)

Also, all the outfits always have really tall heels, which I do not recommend. (Heels may look elegant, but you’ll end up with bad knees and swayback. Up to you!)

Mellow Yellow



6 Ideas for Easter + a Roundup

Easter will be upon us before I know it!

I don’t know why it took me by surprise that Easter is so close, because I’ve had my eye on the calendar. I guess I was just looking at one day at a time.

Easter is, in my opinion, the biggest holiday to celebrate : He is risen!

So, before that blessed day IS, here’s a couple things you can make / decorate with to show that it really is important (and sorry for the lateness of this post, I should have done it sooner!).

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