Books I’ve Been Reading: Rise to Rebellion



I love the Revolution era. I’m not sure why. Sure, as a kid I grew up watching the tv series “Liberty’s Kids”, but now it’s just like the people back then have become my friends.

Serious, prideful but deeply loyal is John Adams. Strong, proper, and smart, Abigail Adams; intellectual deep thinker and proper society man Thomas Jefferson; people-pleasing, genius, and devious, Benjamin Franklin; and even dashing, proud, and well-mannered Benedict Arnold (by the way, I just love the name BENEDICT. It’s just so–interesting!)

All of these had a hand in the Revolution, and I’ve read books about the Revolutionary War, books about what started the war and things leading up to it, books about the Adams, biographies of almost all of them, and, heck, I’ve even seen the Adam’s houses (the birthplace and Peacefield) and Paul Revere’s house and Old North Church. I’ve stood inside them. I’ve wandered the streets of Boston.

And in all the people and clamor and businesses, my mind drifted back to the horse-and-cart days when John and Abigail and all the others, lived and worked there. Amazing.

Anyway, here’s a book I just started that seems promising: I normally read non-fiction; but this novel seems quite well done. Jeff Shaara paid close attention to historical details when he wrote it.

So, this book comes with my recommendation, if you’re looking for a little light reading that’s still realistic, enjoy!



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