Artist Supplies



I work with different medias: I use watercolor, pencil, marker, crayon, oil, basically, I love experimenting with things–and I’m by no means done! (I’m planning an oil painting with some paper collage)

There is just something so freeing in throwing caution, instruction, ‘how-you’re-supposed-to’ to the wind and winging it. Unfortunately, I have a hard time doing that. I’m not a passionate love-or-hate person, so I don’t have the naturally artistic personality. I just have talent and have to work hard at creatively displaying what I want to convey.

Here are some supplies that I’ve found helpful recently:


Canson XL mix media

You’ve got to start with a good basic work surface; this paper is medium-weight. I’ve used it for watercolor, marker, and it held up pretty well. It gets a little wrinkled with watercolor but it doesn’t fall apart. It’s good for playing around with different techniques.

canvas paper.jpg

Strathmore Canvas Paper

When I first started oil painting (a couple months ago, I think), I was looking at canvas and I shocked. (“People really pay THAT for canvas???!!”) While I just bought some canvas the other day (on sale, of course!) I didn’t want to pay that much starting out, not knowing if I’d even be able to figure out how to oil paint (I’m self-taught) so I was relieved when I saw this: canvas paper. At a much lower price. While I like the look of canvas, this paper worked great.



Set of 24, great colors, fine tips. They color very smoothly and I just love mine!! They’re great for adult coloring books ๐Ÿ™‚


Prismacolor Pencils

These pencils are smooth and colorful. They come in many different sets. They are great for a lot of coloring projects!

While these are just a few things I’ve been using lately that I feel like I can recommend. While they’re not the best quality available, they are great for the prices, for someone like me who can’t afford the top-notch artist supplies ๐Ÿ™‚


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