Meal Time: Puff Pancake

puff pancake.jpg

Oh, the goodness….I think it’s been passed down for generations, from our Italian relatives…..the love of food.

My whole family is known to make people hungry, just by our descriptions of food. And who to make the best description than food lovers?

I can look at my Pinterest food board (please don’t visit it–it is not in keeping with my healthy-food mindset, and much of it is WAY too sugary!) or flip through a recipe book and my stomach starts grumbling and I’m like, “I NEED TO MAKE AND EAT SOMETHING!”

So if you’re feeling like that,–how about a puff pancake? We’ve made this for every meal available (you know, breakfast, after-breakfast, before lunch, lunch, etc.–well, not quite every available meal:) and enjoyed it each time.

This recipe is really a do-what-you-want recipe. You can add one kind of cheese (whatever you like, as long as it melts well) or more than one, you can add ham, bacon, sausage, whatever; choose your herbs according to your meat and cheese, etc.

*We’ve even made it without the cheese for my youngest brother and it was STILL great! (I think we used coconut milk in place of the regular milk)*

So have at this custom to-your-liking deliciousness!

puff pancake 2.jpg

Ham and Cheese Puff Pancake



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