It’s been a little tricky to get a post up every day. I still have the problem of “what in heck am I going to write about?” so I basically just post whatever I’ve just read, been through, found out, etc.

So for something I just found out: minimalism. Actually, I’ve known about minimalism for awhile. It’s something that I think is GREAT. Although, I am definitely one to hold my possessions with a tight hand.

Things have become security for people. When you want to know how “good” you’re doing in life, look at how much stuff you have—when you want to impress people, get more stuff—“stuff” has become our security, our way of measuring things.

What in heck? Where did we ever get that notion?! We are stuck in our continual rat-race of working for stuff, working to provide for stuff, working to protect, preserve, keep in shape, our stuff.

Clearly, stuff has too much of a place in our hearts. When people face a life-and-death situation, we rarely think about our stuff (“who will take care of it when I’m gone?”). Immediately our thoughts go to the most important thing: the people that we’re closest to. Perhaps we feel guilty because we didn’t treat them how we should’ve.

People are the most important thing, and living the way God intended us to live. Minimalism frees us up to concentrate on what’s really important. Besides, people get scared when they think of minimalism as living out of a backpack. Minimalism is living with the least you can do. It’s about your limits, not someone else’s.

Anyway, enough of my words (after all, I’m just planning on being a minimalist. I’m not one yet). Here’s the new thing I found: a fabulous video of minimalism, made by a minimalist.


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