5 Songs to Brighten Your Day


I love music. It’s inspiring. If I’m cleaning my room, I’ll turn on some lively music as loud as I dare (after all, I share the house with 8 other people). If I just need a little pick-up, I’ll turn on some music.

I like a wide variety of music. I like Irish, Classical, and Christian; I like Josh Groban and Enya. Really the only type of music I don’t like is country. Well, there are a few songs I’ll listen to, but it’s definitely not my favorite genre!

Well, here’s 5 songs for you. They are inspiring. Some I’ve just found recently, some I’ve known longer, but they’re just lovely.

The first two aren’t as peppy as the last ones, but the words are AMAZING. So enjoy!

  1. Blessings—Laura Story


2. Better Than a Hallelujah—Amy Grant


3. My Lighthouse—Rend Collective


4. Warrior—Steven Curtis Chapman


5. Well Done—Moriah Peters


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