Sewing Project: Circle Tote

Quilted tote.jpg I have not been sewing lately. At all. Which is horrible of me. And being the kind of person I am, I of course have an excuse: it’s just so hard to pull everything out. Like, my fabric is in a bin (which is full of fabric by the way, and most of it isn’t nice quilting cotton–sigh), and then there are crates on top of the bin, and shoes and my sewing machine and boxes around the bin, and see now you know why I haven’t been sewing.

Which that isn’t a good, valid excuse. But it’s enough of an excuse for me. Besides, I have books to read and French to practice and–I just never seem to get around to sewing. You know, juggling however many hobbies I have is hard. I just can’t get rid of one!

But since I’ve not been sewing, I decided to share a link to someone who actually has a sewing tutorial (and appears to still be sewing).


quilted tote 2

Traveling in Circles Quilted Tote

So there you go. They are SO cute…I should make one. Well, you make one for me. That sounds good!

Happy sewing 🙂


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