Valentine’s Day Part 1



With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was thinking about the reason we celebrate it. I was thinking about love.

Love has almost become a dirty word in our day. Why? Because people have been manipulating with, and playing off of that most vulnerable and appealing of emotions. We talk about how we love a pair of shoes or piece of furniture. People assure us that we’ll love the deal we made with them, the car we bought from them. And I am guilty of talking like that as well 🙂

What the heck? Love is not a passive, dulled feeling. Neither is it uncontrolled passion. I once heard, ‘Love is forgetting yourself in your care and concern of another’. And God says, ‘Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ (John 15:13)

If we all judged our love fairly by those standards I think we would find that we all have some work to do. We were made not to hate, but to love; which is partly why love is so appealing to us.

Love is the epitome of the good and sacred. In fact, the Bible doesn’t just say, ‘God loves us’, it says, ‘God is love‘(1 John 4:8). He IS love. We were made to need Him, and made to need love.

Love is also vulnerable. Loving someone is opening your heart up, and the more you love someone, the more likely it is you’ll be hurt by them.  Why does love and pain always go hand in hand?

The love we have here on earth is temporal; it’s not perfected, and it never can be.  Heaven is the place of love perfected. It’s when we join our Lord and Saviour and be with Him forever; since He is Love, Heaven is Love.

We are supposed to project God’s Love on earth; love others so they see Christ’s Love in us. We cannot love without having God’s Love ourselves.

These are just some thoughts I had 🙂


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