Valentine’s Etsy Gifts

Since I’ve been around on Etsy, that most artist-populated selling site online, I notice some of the things that ‘they’ve’ got for sale. Most of the sellers on Etsy are helpful, enthusiastic, and very accommodating, and they like working with their products. While there are the few under-the-standard shops, most are VERY professional and you can get into some pricey, pricey stuff. (HOW much for that little, eensy-weensy necklace charm?!)

But for the most part, you DO ‘get what you pay for’ 🙂 It’s such a huge, online mass of little shops, you really could get lost in it. While search bars make it easier to get around, you still might have to go through a few pages before you find exactly what you’re looking for.

So, helpful that I am ( 🙂 ) I have rounded up a treasury of items that you might want to take a look at before ordering your special someone’s Valentine’s present from Target. Support the artists! Support the little boutiques! And give yourself some always-deserved quality 🙂

There is something for everyone; with home décor, children’s wear, and jewelry. Check it out here: Valentine’s Gifted Treasury



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