Best 11 Blogger’s Valentine’s Projects

Who even knows what to do for Valentine’s? With the millions of ideas floating on the endless internet, I’m always overwhelmed with choices. You can make a pom-pom wreath, ruffled wreath, paper wreath; and in pink, red, and / or white….

Btw–I’m horrible at making decisions. Like, everyone in my family knows it–and probably people outside of my family who are just too polite to say, “You REALLY can’t make up your mind!”. Which it’s not my mind–I know what I want. It’s a kind of deep-set people-pleasing attitude that makes me unable to make the final word–after all, it’s very unlikely that everyone will be pleased with your decision. So that’s something I have to work on in 2016. Making decisions.

Anyway, to help you with the hard task of decision, I’ve got together 11 totally different, love-ly blogger projects, and all oozing Valentine’s charm. Whether you want to dress up a pillow or your house walls, give someone a little token of your affection, or just make everything festive, you should be able to find something for you out of these fabulous 11 projects.

Thanks to all the great bloggers who originally made them đŸ™‚

  1. Sweetheart apron
  2.  Valentine’s Day Sewn Pouches
  3. Valentine’s Day heart wreath
  4. No-sew felt heart pillow
  5. DIY Valentine love blocks
  6. Faux pallet Valentine’s Day sign
  7. DIY no-sew Valentine LOVE pillow cover
  8. Valentine’s Day heart cards garland
  9. Crochet heart & heart garland
  10. Fabric Heart Valentine’s
  11. Pom-pom heart wreath

















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