DIY Valentine’s Day Craft: Lovesticks

DSCF4748In light of Valentine’s Day, I’ve rounded up a week of love-ly projects, inspiration, and downloads.

I came up with this idea for lovesticks the other day. Maybe someone just needs a little cheering up one day, so they pull out a stick to remind them they’re loved!

You can use different quotes or scripture verses or your personal sayings or a mix of all of them! I used scriptures and my own sayings.

Maybe it’s for a family member or you could make them for a friend 🙂 Anyway, it’s an easy, quick craft.

What you’ll need:

a package of jumbo popsicle/craft sticksDSCF4733

school glue

a mason jar, jelly jar, etc.

a scrap of Valentine’s related paper, 3″ x 4 1/2″

ribbon (mine was about 23″)

markers (I used pink, red, gray, and black Amaza pens)

lovesticks label printable (below)

  1. Print off the label. Center and glue it on the scrap of paper. Let it dry while you move on.
  2. Start writing! I added a little heart at the top of my sticks, pink on one side, red on the other side. Then I wrote verse in gray and black, on both sides.

I used about 15 sticks in my jar; you can use however many will fit and that you want.

3. Glue the label centered on the front of the jar, then tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar. Add the sticks inside and your lovesticks are finished! Easy 🙂

lovestick tag 001
If you need to, left-click picture, save to your computer, and then print out!


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