Intro to a Blog

DSCF3365I love blogs. I love the design of them. I love designs.

Yes, call me a geeky person, but I’ve wanted a blog for a long time. Just to have one of those websites with such great design, and you writing on it like a pro, and the pictures absolutely gorgeous and the whole thing interesting!

But then, I realized–you’re still you on a blog, even though you’re behind words. If you don’t have anything interesting to write, your blog won’t be interesting. And I suddenly didn’t feel so confident. What in heck was I going to blog about?

I’ve always thought my life wasn’t too glamorous. I don’t have the high-paying or even artistic job that people would envy. I don’t ever seem to be able to clear the fog from my head, which affects all my projects (they don’t turn out how I imagine them). I’m the second oldest of seven kids (seven? yes, seven), which isn’t a bad thing, just sometimes you feel part of a ‘blob’ instead of a single person.

And I am trying to add glamour–I’m stuffing my head with French, I’m spending free hours volunteering at a local library, I’m trying to memorize piano pieces.

But I also realized, I don’t have to be glamorous to have a blog. My blog represents me, and the blog will be just like me: a work in progress. It might be boring, or stupid, or empty; but it’s my blog–and if nothing else, it gives me a little thing that’s my own. In the sea of Internet, this is my little island.

So, if you care to visit my island, you might get an idea or something–I can’t promise the world, but if you just feel inspired–I will sit back, and smile, and think about how maybe my lack of confidence but blogging anyway, my giving myself up to criticism, wasn’t such a bad idea.

I guess we’ll have to see.


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